Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dream House

My uncle started a charity a few years back to help kids called 1st Due. He is a loving, giving man and really just wants to help kids that have little to no support at home or are foster kids. Currently he is looking into purchasing some property or a home to be able to entertain and sometimes house these kids. It's a big vision and he is just the guy for it.

While I was in San Jose recently visiting family we were able to see one piece of property that he is looking at. Let me just tell you, this house is AWESOME. It's old and beat-up but it's strong and classic and can you imagine if the walls could talk? When I grow up I want to own a house just like this. I am in love with this house. Every little thing about it. The details are amazing and I just want to bring it back to it's former self.

As we walked through the house each room brought a different treasure. Complete with the stained glass windows. So much of the old house was still there. Beat up but surviving.

If I was independently wealthy, and my uncle didn't want to buy it , I would snatch this place up. I would take all the years necessary to bring it back to it's former glory. I think it's beautiful all beaten up, imagine what it would look like with a spit-shine and a some paint. I mean for heaven's sake it has a claw tub!

She's a beautiful old girl and I hope she finds someone to love her real soon. Someone that can see beyond the dust and muck to what she once was and what she can be again.


Girly Muse said...

wow, she's a beauty alright. i hope your uncle gets this place! would be fun to see the transformation. sounds like he deserves it. what a great thing to do.

Andrea said...

i love these old homes, so much charm and detail, new homes just arent the same

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

This used to be my dream, fixing up an old place. But living here has cured me of my love of old homes.

Now I just dream of winning the lotto so I can build a new house that looks like an old one!

Your uncle sounds like a pretty awesome guy.

Donna said...

I agree with you Bree, I'd love to hear what those walls could share if they were able to speak! Of past families, Christmases, and the love shared there.